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Internet Safety Tips for Kids:

  • When asked by friends or  strangers, online or offline, never share Account IDs and Passwords.

  • Don't reveal any personal identity information in your Screen Names, such as your birthday, hobbies, hometown or school.

  • In any information exchange, like e-mail or chat, never give any personal information about yourself or someone else.

  • Don't share photos of yourself, your family, or your home with people you meet online.

  • Never open e-mails that come from unknown sources - DELETE them.

  • If you receive mean or threatening comments online, don't respond. Log off and report the activity to your parents.

  • Nothing you write on the Web is completely private. Be careful what you write and to whom.

  • Never make plans to meet an online "friend" in person.

  • WHEN IN DOUBT: Always ask your parents for help. If you're not sure, log off.

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Tips for Parents:

  •   Keep computer in family area to better monitor your child’s activity.

  •   Regularly spend time online with your child to learn about his or her interests and activities.

  •   Teach your child to end any experience online when he or she feels uncomfortable or scared by pressing the back key, logging off, and telling a trusted adult as soon as possible.

  •   Establish an atmosphere of trust and understanding with your child by not blaming him or her for uncomfortable online experiences.

  •   Discuss the difference between advertising and educational or entertaining content and show your child examples of each.

  •   Show your child the difference between sources of information that are credible and those that are not.

  •   Teach your child to never give out personal information unless he or she has your permission and you know how and by whom the information will be used.

  •   Establish strict rules for ordering products (and then monitor credit card bills).

  •   “Talk back” to Internet Service Providers and content creators to let them know what you want and expect from them in keeping kids safe online.

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