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"Laughing Day is a delightful book full of important lessons for all of us."

Priscilla Presley
"Laughing Day is great. I was impressed with the story but my kids truly love it along with all of the cheerful little songs!"

Yakov Smirnoff
"...this work will touch the hearts of many children."

Dyan Cannon
"I hope this will be the first of many... (from Dr. Hope)"

Judge Wapner
"...great book."

Sally Struthers
"Laughing Day is a delight! It seems to me we grownups could use a large helping of this (Laughing Day) philosophy as well."

Betty White
"Laughing Day is charming and does exactly what you say it will (delivers a message that will help children throughout their lives"

Charlton Heston
"On a scale of one to ten my eight year old daughter gave Laughing Day a perfect TEN. I gave it a million kazillion megatrillion maxibrillion, which is the highest rating in the universe!"

Murray Langston, "The Unknown Comic"

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