Reviews About
Chip, the Little Computer


Boone County News: “In a time when many toys are tossed aside the week after Christmas, this book will continue to bring smiles and perhaps even some intellectual stimulation.”

Beavercreek News-Current: “Chip teaches kids the importance of perseverance.”

Cantemos: “Chip, the Little Computer was very clearly written. The message it conveyed about patience and optimism was well presented. The Spanish text was as good as the English and the modern day character and setting is easy for children to relate to.”

Maryville Daily Forum: “This is a good, educational book for children to read… It is very creative.”

The Gazette- Cedar Rapids, IL: “Chip is a delightful role model for any youngster who is into computers.”

The Green Bay Press-Gazette: “Chip, the Little Computer has an important message for children…”

Waycross Journal-Herald: "Young readers will enjoy learning the importance of believing in their dreams."

The Sunday Journal: "Reading gets high-tech with Chip, the little Computer...his purpose in computer life is to help children learn and make them laugh."


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